• Miss Mary


On a rusty old radio

Static was electric

You listened to the latest melody

Jovial Classical Harmony

Your eyes closed tight

Your mind opened wide

You are in your happy place

A simple smile played on your face

I do not think you know

I watched you from afar

In all your morning glory glow

There are secrets I kept from you

While I cried inside

I lied with my smile outside

But, I think you know more than you say

In the way you just bask in the beauty of today

You just do not say too much

But you do it with your touch

When you reach and catch the sun

You are truly living and not dying

All the things I thought I knew

The more I know

The less I really know

You are a SunCatcher

I watch you watch

Soak up the sun

You are so young

Your soul is so old

I want to be like you

A fairytale fool

Innocence like this

Sweetest, Softest kiss

Ignorance is bliss

How I often miss

How it used to be

The me then and not now

As we get older

The magical fades

We become cynical

We become jaded

The hurt and harm

Makes us harden

Makes us human

Yes, we were deceived

But, you still make me believe

In the magic of miracles

In the light of love

In the holding of hope

In the saving earth angels

In the heroes and the helpers

We reach and catch the sun

We are the suncatchers


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