• Miss Mary


Today was a bad day I do not need anyone to tell me it will get better

I just need you to say

That it was a bad day

A snowy silent day

Calm and Quiet

The world was white

Full of innocence

In the stillness

I heard you within these walls

Memories echo and call

You spoke and you sang

These words to me:

I hope you always know

Although I am not there

That wherever you go

I am always here

In the stinging of your tears

In the warmth of the sun

In the tastes on your tongue

In the scent of the bloomed flowers

In your sweetest golden hours

In the greenest blades of grass

In the tinkling of glass

In the whisper of the winds

In the tender touch of your skin

In the sounds of the songs

When you are all alone

You are not alone

I am always here

Though it feels like it will always be bad

Though it feels like it will never get better

Be kind to yourself

Give yourself the time and space

In your most peaceful and quietest place

I am here, there, and everywhere



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