In 2019, a series of unforeseen events occurred: a possible suicide, a heartbreak, and the declining health of a very dear and close family member.  

Everything that happened in 2019 set off poem after poem after poem.  Writing non-stop, and sharing these writings on my personal FB page. Many read these poems.  I like to think that many more related to them. Honestly, that  is what I want my writing to be about: Connectivity and Relatability.  Nothing fancy or high above anyone else because you have to stay humble in this life. 


2020 happened and it was within my walls and isolation that the seed planted to start my poetry book (thanks COVID) and then that began to bloom into 2021. 2021 was the create, process, organize, and put the poems together that took on a life of its own and seeped into 2022.  It has been a very emotional and exhausting process. Lots of sleeplessness, triggers, and anxiety of everything that has happened and making this happen.  I kept this quiet because I did not think I could actually revisit all my poems from the past that reflected much pain and then making the poetry book an actual tangible book.  I never want to get my hopes up too high with myself or others only to crash into disappointment.  I'm sure I was crotchety and crabby and, most of all, jittery and moody to my closest peeps.  Now you know why. 


Please feel free to buy a copy (but feel even more free to purchase in May because I'll be teaming up with another organization so they can get part of my proceeds ❤️) and to share these links about the book and my site: https://www.amazon.com/Kaleidoscope-Collection-Poems-Mary-Wu/dp/B09WQ55WC8


Most of all, if you purchase a book, I would SO APPRECIATE YOU LEAVING A REVIEW.  Even if its bad.  Even if its good.  I can take it.  The positive reviews lift me up and feed my questionable ego.  The constructive criticism reviews make me think and get better and go further.  Hold nothing back. 


In the poetry book, there were (and still are) many people who are mentioned in mere but the greatest of gratitude for this entire journey and still going forward.  Onwards and upwards.  Thank you so much!!!  Stay tuned for more! 📝🖌📚❤️