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The Fruitcake

I was having a bad day.  Dare I say a *hitty day.  It was one of those days where EVERYTHING was going wrong from start to finish and everything in between was all messed up.  To top it off, it was messing me up and messing my mind up even more of coming off as grumpy and grouchy.  Totally not me.  I was counting down until the day was over with so I could plunge into the pool to wash away my stresses.  I was at my breaking point.    
I had one more call to make to a patient.
Technically, I did not have to make this call, but I had roughly fifteen minutes to spare until clocking out.  I knew that it would be in the greater good and best interest to call this patient so she could have a smooth first appointment.   I am very sensitive to people’s voices and to the shapes and sounds of their words when they speak.  My hearing and listening are now even more heightened and sharpened with being mainly on the phone now at work.   So, I was pleasantly surprised when the voice on the other end was a sweet southern drawl. 
The patient on the other line was in her late 80’s, teetering on 90.  She had a warm southern drawl and a sweet laugh that made me feel like I was transported to somewhere in the south of the U.S.A.  The grouchy and grumpy in me started to shed, and the corners of my mouth were lifting into a smile. 
Somehow, we got on the topic of food.  And, you know, there is nothing that makes me happier or lights me up than food.  She shared with me that she had a small fruitcake business that she started once her husband died a few years ago.  She said that baking and this business kept her active and young.  I thought to myself and wrinkled my nose in curiosity: “Fruitcake?”  I think I had eaten a fruitcake only once in my life.  I certainly had baked and experimented with many sweet treats in my lifetime, but fruitcake was NOT one of them.   I was doubtful. 
In her sweet southern drawl, she said, “I want to send you a fruitcake.  For all the kindness you brought to me today.  You let me know what you think of it.” 
I could not believe that this stranger that I was talking on the phone was offering such kindness and generosity to me.  If only this woman knew that SHE had put a stop sign on my bad day and completely turned it around with her sweetness for even offering to send me one of her fruitcakes.  Yet, there she was on the phone saying I had made the difference and boosted up her and her day.  Since this woman had turned my flopped day into a flip good day, I thought I had nothing to lose by trying her fruitcake that clearly brought her great joy. 

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v on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 8:20 AM
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best assignment writing service on Monday, June 17, 2019 4:07 PM
Wow! The fruitcake experience is very heartwarming. A simple gesture like giving fruitcake or any kind of sweets to share happiness with others is great. Indeed there are different ways to spread love and happiness all over the world. Thank you for this blog about fruitcake. I have learned that indeed we also need others to be our stress reliever because kindness and happiness are everywhere. We must not be too blinded by our grumpy mood and stress in life.

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Literally, I am having a bad day right now. But suddenly my dog comes closer to me and wave his tail in my feet. I was just like “hey buddy, what are you doing? Do you also feel that I am sad?”. The old woman and my dog are the same, in terms of making us our day less sad and bad. Thank you for sharing your experiences here in your blog. I am hoping that I can read a lot of your articles soon.
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