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The "Wu Word" Blog


Now that I am quickly approaching my mid-30’s, I think it is about high time that I share the story about “PARTYEVERYDAY’’—one of my many signature sayings that I just about daily clamor out with thrilling joy and giddiness. 
The birth of PARTYEVERYDAY occurred in the chemotherapy unit that I worked in for at least five years of my life.   Many would think that a chemotherapy unit is the saddest place to step foot in, but it was actually a joyous place where the meaning and importance of life was epitomized.  My direct counterpart colleague and I had own special and unique language that made us burst out in fits of giggles, loud laughter, beaming smiles, and to joke and chat freely with patients that we saw just as frequently as our very own family members.  In the midst of patients fighting for their lives and cocktails of chemotherapy being processed, my “PARTYEVERYDAY” phrase totally and completely unexpectedly came into play on a day to day basis that we said and especially lived.   
The only rule about how you say PARTYEVERYDAY is this: THERE ARE NO RULES to how you say or live out PARTYEVERYDAY.  You can say it really fast like a tongue twister to get super hyped.  You can say it super slow as though you are tasting and savoring the happiness all around you.  Oh!  The verbal versatility of PARTYEVERYDAY!! 
Now, you ask: “What is PARTYEVERYDAY?”
One person confessed to me that he thought I was a party animal dancing on tables and drinking alcoholic beverages just about daily.  Someone else said to me: “When I heard you say PARTYEVERYDAY, I thought everyone partied everyday but then I realized it was you that just really parties everyday.”  Another asked: “How do you say ‘PARTYEVERYDAY’ like that?  I’ve gotta work on it!”  Another said: “You are seriously bonkers!  Where do you get your energy to PARTYEVERYDAY from?!”  My Stepmom: “OK, OK, don’t party too hard!  Calm down a bit!”  My closest friend: “Yeah, that’s your signature saying: ‘PARTYEVERYDAY!” 
So, here’s the deal about PARTYEVERYDAY: It is NOT about guzzling down alcohol, dancing on tables, or blasting the music until you are tone deaf.  Simply put: PARTYEVERYDAY is ENJOYMENT- enjoy yourself and life and to live it every single day.  Now, enjoyment is different for everyone at different times of life.  Enjoyment can be the calm, the quiet, and the meditative in the midst of stormy times.  Enjoyment can be daily predictable routine of punching in and out of work to rush back home to be with family.  Enjoyment can be doing, being, living, giving, and receiving the unexpected and unforeseen.  Enjoyment in the company of you and yourself, with strangers, with your friends/family.   Enjoyment to not take the little things and the people that mean the most for granted.  PARTYEVERYDAY is your life, your party, your learning curve, your process, your progress, your people, the strangers who will become your familiar faces, your experiences, and yours to own and be that occur every single day.  There are no rules with your party.
How is your party of life so far?  How is your PARTYEVERYDAY?  What is your PARTYEVERYDAY?  What is your saying in your life that you try to live by everyday?  What is your catchphrase? 
So, my peeps, this is the story of PARTYEVERYDAY.  Almost a week later of being 34-years-old, I say loud and clear for you to savor all flavors of life: PARTYEVERYDAY.  Here is to many more parties for all of us!
Keep smilin’ until we meet again,

Mary ;-) 

7 Comments to PARTYEVERYDAY:

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joe on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 12:15 AM
My PARTyEVERYDay is Happiness.Harmony.Peace A new version of hip hip pirade
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Miss Mary on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 9:05 PM
That is the BEST PARTYEVERYDAY there is that gives new meaning and speaks volumes of hip hip parade!!
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It is impossible to do celebration on daily basis. We can only cheer ourselves by having different things. We should make our personality like that we feel that we are having parties on daily basis. And then we can attain everything in our lives.
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