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The "Wu Word" Blog

My Live List

I’ve always been a big fan and lover of positive, inspirational, and empowering quotes that particularly revolve around life and living to the fullest.  Words have always been my very best and truest of friends that have carried me throughout my life to appreciate and take value the highest and lowest points that I live to share and tell about.

Throughout my 33 years of living, I’ve read and heard many quotes about life (forgive me for modifying these so they end up sounding more like my “Wu-Isms”):
·         “There is birth.  There is death.  Everything that matters  that holds the greatest meaning and in is in between is life.”
·         “Live life like it is your last time.” 
·         “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” 
The list of life quotes can go on and on.  However, I came to the realization that quotes about death are non-existent when, let’s be honest and pardon the pun, death is very much alive and a part of life.
Life quotes speak against death and to fight off death or try to hide it as though it is a contagious disease or the plague.  My understanding is that where there is life, there is death—and vice versa.  Life and death are nothing to be scared of because they are partners together, but I have seen firsthand how petrified people are of both when they claim to only be scared of death.  

I think many people are not aware that they are actually scared of life.  So much holds people back from living their lives as they fully desire, imagine, and dream.    So, perhaps, people are actually more afraid of life than death?  Just because people are living physically does not mean that they are alive or really living.  Only when people are faced with death and what seems like an ending that they will begin their beginning of life and truly living.    
Far too many times, I have been the observer to people’s tears, anguish, regrets, and remorse to the true value of someone when this someone is dead.  It saddens me that it takes death to finally understand the preciousness of a person and the life they have lived.  Hence, this is why I truly cherish every single person who has brought their own magic and “special-ness” into my life journey, whether it is for a little while or a longer while.  Most of all, I have made as much efforts as I possibly could to be a person of worth, depth, character, and kindness while I am walking on this earth only temporarily.  I never want to be the kind of person that people valued me only in death.  I want to be the kind of person people value me in life. 
All of these observations and my interpretations that I want to be the kind of person who makes the big dreams I dream and all the imaginations I imagined a reality have led me to create what I coined, “The Live List.” 
When people hear of my “Double L” (aka: Live List), their immediate reaction is: “Oh, your bucket list?” 
I cringe, wince, and immediately explain:  “No, not a bucket list.  A bucket list is created out of fear of death rather than the acceptance of death.  My ‘Live List’ are the things I am going to do to live—to really and truly live, to enjoy and savor every single beautiful and breathing day.  Yes, the list does have an understanding that we are all going to die something, but it is not about death.  It is a list all about life.” 
Here is my “Live List” thus far:
Mary Wu’s Live List

·         Hot Air Balloon Ride
·         Sail on a boat
·         Drive-In Theatre
·         See a sky full of bright stars so close that I feel like I could touch them (Planetarium)
·         See an opera
·         Treat Dad and TC to Alaska
·         Learn to Ride a Bike
·         Hold sparklers
·         Open Mic Night- Do a Reading of my Poem(s) to strangers
·         Travel the World/Meet all my penpals
·         Fall in “romantic” love/Experience Love
·         Make sure my Dad, TC, and Amy are taken care of
·         Move/work outside of New York State where no one knows me
I intend to complete at least one live list item per year, but I know this is something I cannot do alone.  Would anyone care to help me accomplish any of my live list items?
And, how about you?  Can you reflect and contemplate deeply as to if you are REALLY living your life and doing everything that you really desire?  Are you more scared of life than death?  

What are your “Live List” items?
Keep smilin’ until we meet again,
Mary :-) 


6 Comments to My Live List:

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