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The "Wu Word" Blog

April 2015

The Sparrow's Song

There once was a small sparrow who could not sing
It looked like such a pitiful thing
Tattered, fallen feathers
A crooked, beaked nose
Wings that were so tightly closed
Yet, eyes that shone full of wisdom and soul
And a shining spirit that was so complete and whole

Surrounding feathered creatures made it feel like it did not belong
And so the sparrow felt it had no voice to sing its song and no choice as to what was really right or wrong
It was a wicked world that the sparrow had to face
Because it knew that it was an odd and weird little case
Although the days were light and bright in the clear blue sky, the sparrow often cried and asked “Why?”  
The sparrow was filled with such sorrow
And prayed that there would be better tomorrows

Every day, the sparrow hung on to hope
By preening its lack luster coat
By clearing its throat
By trying so hard to find its inner sounds
By believing that it would eventually be recognized, loved, and found

But all that would come out from the sparrow were sharp little squeaks
Making the sparrow feel so utterly weak
Because the sounds that the sparrow sung
Were completely unlike anyone
But, then, the sparrow wondered one day: “Maybe these very sounds that make me unique are my music, my symphony, and my song.  Maybe I will be free when I am me.”  

The sparrow suddenly had surges of vitality and clarity
Because it now understood that all along, that the world had been wrong about its song that was sweet and complete  
And, the sparrow saw that it was never weak or meek

The sparrow was suddenly flying high in the air without a care
The sparrow was singing and the song was ringing
The sparrow’s song was beautiful, loud, and clear
And without any fear
For the entire world to hear

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