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The "Wu Word" Blog

November 2013

Poem of the Day: "The Calling"

Greetings Wu Readers,
Wow, I haven't written in "The Wu Word" blog in more than a while.
Life has been a most interesting adventure these past few months.  I've realized that being at the top of the world comes at the price that you can be all alone and that as fast as you can get to the top, the faster you will crash to the ground.  I've also learned about the sense of loss from all that is gained.  More details about this in future entries.
For now, I want to try to get back into the groove of "The Wu Word," by revisiting a written genre that I have not touched in more than 10 years. 
When I was in 8th grade, I loved poetry so much that I was convinced that I would become a song lyricist when I grew up.  And, hey, I am all grown up and that song lyricist position is sounding prettier by the day.
So, here is the Poem of the Day for you:
"My Calling"
I looked up at the bright blue sky
I wondered why
I wondered what
Could be My Calling
Was it to be rich with all the money in the world?
Was it to be famous with all the secrets of my life told?
I gazed at the sparkling stars
I wondered when
I wondered how
My Calling would come to me
Would it be a loud, triumphant sound?
Would it be a quiet and maybe even so silent that it had to be found?
I stood under the bright, full moon
I wondered where
My Calling could be
I am trying to find my calling
I wonder if I am failing
I wonder who I am fooling
Through trying to find my calling, I am falling
All alone and on top of the world
Everything can crash so fast
Here I am, back on the ground
Wondering, Waiting, Hoping, and Heeding for my Calling that is somewhere to be found
So, what is your calling?  What did you want to be when you grew up?  Is this how you imagined your life to be? 
Working on getting back into my sanctuary and therapy of writing once again! 
Keep smilin',
Mary :-)
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